Wow Erika, this [concept of paying yourself and your company first] was jaw-dropping !! (even though some suggestions or examples are still a bit fuzzy for me. ..not sweating it because with God’s help & your brilliance, I’m covered ;-))

I am so excited and can’t wait to get started implementing all your suggestions. I LOVE systems and structure and am smart enough to know when I am not smart for a certain area. So thank you for sharing your number/system/planning brilliance with me.

Tia Footman-Brewer

Founder, B Unlimited

Erika worked with us to sort out a logistics challenge. She communicates well and is diligent in responding to requests quickly. Everyone in the office commented that she was easy to work with while still being effective at persuading others to complete tasks. I happily recommend her to others.

Pierre Mainville

Kovit Engineering, Sudbury, ON

Until we sold the company last year, Erika worked for a year and a half as the bookkeeper of our adult recreational sports league.  She approached the tasks diligently and in a timely and efficient manner, allowing us to keep our books up to date.  With the very busy and hectic schedule of running the league, it was comforting to know that bookkeeping was one less thing for us to worry about.


Plan by Numbers has been an instrumental component to developing my business model for the last 5 years.

Realizing from the “get go” I needed to hire a bookkeeper I never imagined Plan By Numbers would help me bring my business to the virtual “world”. Resisting at first to change, but with the ongoing support and encouragement from Erika I have adapted to online Quickbooks and using Hubdoc daily.

It is so easy! Not only do I feel I am using current format to run my business, I am definitely spending less time managing my business. They have also been instrumental in challenging me to increase the profit margin in my business over time, which has been consistently growing as a result.

Plan by Numbers has been key to running an efficient and profitable business for me.

Brenda Alderdice

Business Owner, Downsizing Diva

Recently I have had occasion to work with Erika Biesenthal of Plan By Numbers in both a personal and professional capacity.

In each situation her work was exemplary and spending time with her was a pleasure. She made the task of learning new Accounting software, along with the tips, tools and techniques required to maximize its usefulness, very comfortable and engaging.  Not coming from a math background, Erika helped me understand the process in layperson’s terms and ensured that my working knowledge was more than sufficient for the day to day requirements of our business.

On a personal level, at the last minute after hitting some roadblocks with tax software, Erika was also able to step in and assist my husband I with our tax preparation requirements, including those of my small business. Again, she proved capable beyond words, competent and professional and completed the task in very short order despite being handed the project late and with minimal supporting details.  Erika is helpful, professional and very personable and a true pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her!

Sheralyn Roman

Writing Right For You

I tried a conversion to Quick Books Online about 4 years ago, I switched back after 2 weeks. So, I was skeptical about trying it again. Erika assured me she would test everything in advance and the conversion would be smooth. She took the time to understand our requirements, she contacted our POS software supplier to understand the challenges of moving data between the 2 systems.

She developed an easy process to move the data. The transition happened smoothly, and the support afterwards was instrumental in getting us comfortable with the new software.

Erika has a rare ability to explain financial processes without all the financial jargon. We’ve been on QBO for 5 months now, we wish we’d know Erika 4 years ago so we could have enjoyed the benefits of QBO longer. In hindsight, Plan By Numbers did have the foresight, to make the transition seamless.

I’d highly recommend Erika for any QBO and bookkeeping requirements your business has.

Jeff Clark

SSK Signs

Thank you so much! I truly couldn’t do this without you Erika.

Meeting you has definitely been one of the really fantastic things that has happened through all of this.  You are thoughtful, wise, pragmatic, well-connected, diligent, and kind. You are working behind the scenes doing wonderful things that are so meaningful to me and my business. Your way of gently pushing things forward with respect and kindness and even a bit of humor, make what I consider to be the yuckiest part of business not so bad.

Trish Mennell

Photographer, Founder, Trishmennell.com

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