Virtual Bookkeeping and Profit Management for the Driven Entrepreneur

Because Making More Money Shouldn’t Give you Headaches

Let us unstuck your profit!

Plan by Numbers isn’t your typical bookkeeper. And we’re darn proud of it!

When your finances are a hot mess, you’re paying everyone but yourself, and you have a looming tax bill you don’t even want to think about…

The last thing you need is someone who gets your books done, then sends a report you don’t understand and will never look at again.

We take bookkeeping a step further and work with you to create a business with sustainable profits.

Our goal is to make you feel good about your business finances.

We aren’t just plugging in the numbers, we are LOOKING at the numbers with you.

And we’re in it WITH you every step of the way.

When you let us handle your virtual bookkeeping and profit management, it’s like having a CFO in your backpocket-but without the hefty price tag. A partner running the financial side of your business, but without the equity stake.

We work with you to…

  • Make sure all the money you’re making doesn’t go right back out the door… again.
  • Make sure you are profitable and keep that profit growing!
  • Streamline your systems for invoicing so you get paid by your clients in a timely manner (cha ching!!).
  • Figure out your cash flow, so you are able to pay your bills on time.
  • Ensure you are paying yourself properly… and consistently.
  • Align your business strategy with your financial goals.
  • Help you see how and when you can afford to hire that next person needed on the team or other large financial investments.
  • Interpret those pesky monthly reports so you can see where things really are and notice problems before they arise.
  • Open communication channels around finances with you, your accountant, your business coach – anyone who is part of your business picture. No more showing up at the accountant to have them talk above your head until you can’t wait to get out of there!

And yes… we also get your books done. On time. And accurately.

Oh, and if you need us to clean up your books and help you get caught up, we can do that too.

Before working with Erika, I was handling all of the bookkeeping tasks for my moving business. I did this for almost 4 years!

Keeping track of expenses and running payroll was extremely time consuming and it turns out I was making lots of mistakes in the process. As a business owner who understands the importance of scaling and delegating, I knew that I had to find a bookkeeper who could be more hands-on and knowledgeable than I could ever be. Luckily, a business associate of mine introduced me to Erika of Plan By Numbers.

Within months of working together, Erika has been able to rectify a lot of the mistakes that I was making and she has helped me implement new systems so that all I really have to do now is drag and drop files and she pretty much handles the rest.

We now have accurate monthly budgets, cashflow projections and our payroll runs very smoothly and on time. Having someone like Erika handling the books has allowed me to focus on tasks like marketing, sales and business expansion. It is great to work with Erika because it feels like we now have a numbers expert that we can turn to and it truly feels like she is part of our team.

Julian Quinones

Co-Founder, NuGround Inc.

Bookkeeping Bliss. Data-Driven Growth.

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