About Us

Because Who We Are Matters

Erika Biesenthal, Founder

You know those people who…

  • Get giddy designing + implementing creative and efficient business systems
  • Parachute into a challenge and calculate the best way out…just for fun
  • Trust in the power of kindness + respect at the core of every decision

I’m one of those people. I’m not afraid to cannonball into any challenge and get stuff done.

My commitment to you: I will remove the stressors you feel around your business finances, one-by-one, so you have the freedom and flexibility to focus on what you do best, growing your business.

My Story

Scientific research, massage therapy, office manager, scientific editor are a sample of my past lives in the world of J.O.B.s. But… it was when I started my own business that I felt alive – for the first time – in my professional life. That is, in a nutshell, why small business means so much to me and why I have made it my mission to help business owners like you.

I’ve been told I explain things in a way business owners can understand. I don’t use accountant or consultant speak, I use business speak.  After all, both of my parents are entrepreneurs, and I learned the financial side of business while running my own business and working with a dozen different businesses and organizations.

I am 100% small business.  I get you.  You are my people.

What We Do…

We partner with business owners to tackle some of those pesky problems that prevent sustainable business growth (yeah, consistent profit is the key).

  •   “Efficiencify” your bookkeeping and making sure you’re audit proof – let’s move bookkeeping into the 21st century baby!
  •    Making sure you are collecting the right data so you can get the information you need at the click of a mouse
  •   Use tools to evaluate your money strategy and make sure it supports your big-hairy-audacious-business-goals

50% of businesses will go bankrupt in the first 5 years of business – not on our watch!!!


Who You Are…

You – my new friend – believe in pragmatic-yet-powerful business practices and are committed to running your business in a holistic way (and a zillion percent on your own terms).

You are curious about life. You have monster plans for your business …  sales is not your biggest pain… you are loosing sleep over your business finances, but you’re way too busy and distracted dealing with your day-to-day business responsibilities, on your own. It gets lonely, right?

How We Can Help…

You need a partner – a right-hand woman – to step in and break down the concrete wall -the chaos- that is prohibiting you from scaling your numbers and transforming the world, while living the lifestyle you always imagined.

If you’re ready for a no-nonsense (and fun, promise!) – approach to managing your business,  send us an email at erika@planbynumbers.com.

And remember, the world needs you to be free to do what you do best: To lead. To create. To grow.

We Dig Numbers.

Lets Chat!