We aren't your average bookkeepers...

and here's why that's a good thing!

Do you struggle to have financial data in time to make business decisions?

Let’s face it, it could become a bigger problem if we don’t reign it in.

We are a team of dedicated and passionate bookkeepers, motivated by empowering entrepreneurs. We believe in purposeful bookkeeping; producing great data in a timely manner, helping interpret that data and progressively removing the stressors around finances, so you have the freedom to focus on what you do best. Full service bookkeeping is a given in our books – no pun intended…

Learn more about our Plan by Numbers team, and the purpose behind our work.



You, our new favourite client, thrive on honest responsive communication, respect and are open to growth through change.

You run a business that…

    • is in Growth mode with a capital G
    • has a top line currently somewhere between $800,000 and $3,000,000
    • is a project-based service business in the marketing, construction or information technology space
    • knows that your team is worth gold and treat them as such
    • has a mission to change the world (in minute, or gigantic, meaningful ways)
    • values organization and systems

The Plan by Numbers team has been an exceptional addition to our agency. They understand the nuances of our business, dig into the details, and have helped create structure and process amongst many moving parts. Without a doubt, they have made our business more efficient — and have proven to be a true partner at our side!

Mark Glucki

Titan One Creative

Plan by Numbers has been crucial to bringing the accounting of my two companies up to date and helping us navigate what CRA throws our way for the past few years. I keep thanking them for not giving up on me. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any fellow construction business out there.

Matt Fitzpatrick

Toronto Shoring Inc.

Erika came to us at a time when our business was changing and growing, her guidance and knowledge has helped us to navigate a successful path for many, many years now. As a creative person, finances are foreign to me, so I am grateful to have someone that I can trust and rely on, so we can focus on doing the things that we do best! I love that I can reach out to Erika and her team at anytime, for advice and help with the simplest matters, as well as the complicated issues that need attention right away. Plan by Numbers is not just a professional and knowledgeable team, but they are a caring team dedicated to our company’s success and growth! Sputnik means “traveling companion” and they are a vital and reliable partner in our journey.

David Sacha

Sputnik Creative

We believe in small business as a life choice. Entrepreneurs rock!
We believe money is a business’ lifeblood and needs to be treated as such. Pay attention to it!
We believe financial data management is the soundest way to a sustainable business.

We dig numbers