We Aren't Your Average Bookkeepers...

and Here's Why That's a Good Thing.

Do your finances feel out of control?

You’ve hit the million dollar mark in your business. CONGRATS!

You’re on fire meeting monthly revenue goals. CELEBRATE!

But…You’re simply unable to get good financial data to make important decisions for your growing business.

Let’s face it, it could become a bigger problem if we don’t reign it in.

You need someone who will not just keep the books, but help you make sense of the numbers, increase your margins, and stop the financial chaos.

To create sustainable profitability in your business, it’s time to start tracking return on investments so you stop hemorrhaging money. And using insight, not hindsight, to make solid business decisions.

We’re passionate about helping entrepreneurs like you unlock the pathway to pursuing your dreams… and running a successful, profitable business that gives you confidence in your financial future.

Finding someone you can trust – someone that won’t feed you a line of bologna just to appease you – is a challenge in business. Erika is rock solid.

I’ve worked with her at 2 different startups, and she continues to impress me. She asks the questions other people are afraid to ask. She thinks about business growth strategically. She keeps everyone calm when business becomes a bit rocky. If I was caught in a burning building, I’d want to be with Erika. She’d figure out an exit strategy, and she’d do it without breaking a sweat.

Kira Hug

Founder of Kira Hug Media, Co-Founder of The Copywriter Club podcast, New York, NY

Track.  Learn.  Profit.

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